Everyone will deal with ‘haters’ at some point online; Jono’s book is a great roadmap to handling those situations with grace and humility.

– Mike Shinoda, Linkin Park

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Art is a subjective and personal thing, but feedback and criticism, particularly when non-constructive and personalized, can be tough to swallow. Dealing With Disrespect provides a practical guide for handling this, and should be part of any artist’s toolbox.

– Sam Hulick, BAFTA-nominated composer (Mass Effect, Baldur’s Gate)

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Trolls. We hate them. We especially hate them if we have an Internet presence and we have to deal with the slings and arrows of outraged and cranky people on a daily basis. Now, you could waste your life screaming right back at them… or you could read Jono Bacon’s Dealing With Disrespect and get a real handle on dealing with the true cranks, and just people who are feeling cranky that one day, on the Internet.

– Steven Vaughan-Nicols, ZDNet

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Disrespect–Ubuntu community leader Jono Bacon has seen it all. And he wants you to have see a lot less. I saw Jono’s wondefully dancing and engaging style when I edited his popular book, The Art of Community, and he has done it again with this new monograph that complements and intertwines with The Art of Community. As his former editor, I couldn’t resist making a suggestion: why not add more start-to-end real-life examples? He may do that, but as the book now stands it’s a really valuable guide to people who have to manage public communities. Learn how to accentuate the positive, moderate (if not eliminate) the negative, and not mess with things up with which you should not put.

– Andy Oram, O’Reilly Media