What is the difference between the different versions?
They are all the same; the PDF, Amazon Kindle, and online versions all contain the same content.

Why is the Amazon Kindle version not free?
I am selling the Amazon Kindle version to generate a little revenue from an otherwise entirely free book. I figured that paying for the convenience of the book on your e-book reader is reasonable. Remember though, Dealing With Disrespect is free to read, download, and share with others, and the PDF and online version are free to download and access.

Will you produce other versions/formats?
I am happy to explore releasing other formats. Please drop me an email with your suggestions.

How is the book licensed?
Dealing With Disrespect is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. You are free to share it with your friends, modify it, build on it, and include content from it in other work (with attribution). You are not allowed to sell it or use it in commercial works without permission from me.

The Kindle version has a few odd layout issues in the Table Of Contents. What gives?
Unfortunately there is a bug in Amazon’s Kindle software that causes the Table Of Contents to have a few layout quirks. This only affects a few lines and the entire rest of the book (the main content) is all laid out as expected. I am currently exploring methods of resolving this issue.

How can I get the PDF onto my phone/tablet?
You will need to consult your phone/tablet software manual as this varies from device to device. One approach I recommend you start with is to email the PDF to yourself as an attachment, access your email on the device and load the attachment. It will likely load for you.

I found an error, how can I tell you about it?
Thanks for offering to make the book better! Errors can be emailed to me. Thanks!

Who publishes this book?
I decided to self-publish Dealing With Disrespect for a few reasons. Firstly, it is designed to be an easily digestible short book, as opposed to a long in-depth treatise on the topic (most publishers publish bigger books), and secondly, I core focus is that the book is freely available to everyone. Oh, and I fancied exploring self-publishing out of curiosity too. :-)

Can I buy this book in stores?
No. The book is only available online. You can however buy it for your Amazon Kindle for $2.99 by clicking here.

Can I buy it for my Kindle from non-USA Amazon stores?

Absolutely. Here are links to all the different stores: USA · India · UK · Germany · France · Spain · Italy · Japan · · Brazil · Canada · Mexico · Australia